Refund Policy


Signing this document allows our service representative to schedule transport on the first available carrier based on the pickup date stated in the agreement up to 10 business days, thereafter unless specified otherwise. Our terms guarantee that your vehicle(s) will be transported by a carrier that is licensed, bonded, and insured with zero-dollar deductible, up to $75,000.00 for an open carrier and up to $1,000,000.00 for an enclosed carrier. If your vehicle is not available for transport during the scheduled pick-up window and a carrier is dispatched to your pick-up location, your deposit will be forfeited, unless otherwise agreed upon. If a second carrier is dispatched to your pick-up location a $50.00 penalty may be assessed.

Signing of this document allows TAT SERVICES. to charge the deposit amount per the agreement above. The remaining balance COD (Cash on Delivery) will then be due upon delivery and paid to the driver in cash, cashier’s check or money order. The amount owed to the carrier must be paid by the customer to the carrier. Failure to have the funds upon delivery can result in your vehicle being impounded until the COD is paid. In addition, the carrier and the person responsible for the vehicle will complete a thorough inspection of the vehicle. The carrier will have an inspection sheet or Bill of Lading they will have the customer sign. Customer must note any damage they believe occurred during transit on the delivery bill of lading; TAT SERVICES. and the carrier are not liable for any damages not noted on the delivery bill of lading. TAT SERVICES. is not responsible for vehicle rental or travel fees or storage costs of any kind.

Failure to assign and pick up your vehicle within 10 business days of first available date of pick-up date will result in a full refund of your deposit with no penalties or fees. Any cancellations within the first 5 days of first available pick up date will result in a $100.00 cancellation fee; any cancellation may be sent via email to  to begin cancellation process; however, a certified letter must be sent via certified mail to TAT SERVICES. 2786 Woodstream Cir Kissimmee, FL 34743 to complete request.

If customer has payment dispute with TAT SERVICES, the customer must settle such dispute with TAT SERVICES. Directly without initiating any chargeback procedures. Any chargeback will evoke an automatic $295 USD (two hundred ninety-five dollars) service fee, without exception, for which customer will be held responsible for via a collection agency. If the vehicle being picked up does not match the vehicle of which the quote/booking listed, additional fees may apply.

By signing this document, you agree that there will be no personal contents within the vehicle weighing more than 125 lbs. unless otherwise agreed. Failure to inform your service representative and make previous arrangement can result in additional fees up to $500.00 per the weight requirements of the DOT (Department of Transportation), furthermore you understand that having personal items in your vehicle can result in further inspection of your vehicle by the DOT. TAT SERVICES. does not insure personal items within the vehicle.

By signing this document, you agree that our carriers cannot guarantee specific delivery dates and times and that generally transport takes between 3-7 business days from pick up to delivery but can take up to 10 business days based on routes traveling between black out states such as MT, ID, SD, ND, WV, WY.

Any information relating to the transport or status of your transport can be answered by contacting your service representative or  or by calling 407-476-2227 Please anticipate an immediate response.