TransAuto Transport, founded in 2010 by owner Alan M, is a car shipping company created with a customer first mentality.

A customer has numerous car shipping companies they can deal with when shipping a car, but by choosing TransAuto Transport, the customer can be certain that they are dealing with a 100%; 5-Star rated company, will have a quote within the market range for that particular route, will be treated with care and respect, and will giving the truth about the entire process of shipping their car. The ultimate goal is that your vehicle is transported safely and securely.


TransAuto Transport provides years of experience and industry knowledge that combine to ensure the most smooth and carefree vehicle shipping process possible for every customer. We offer many types of auto transportation services when it comes to shipping cars, which include:

* Doortodoor pick-up and delivery service: Forget about having to meet at a depot; we make it convenient by picking up your vehicle and dropping it back off to you.

* Fast express service: You shouldn’t to wait more days than necessary when it comes to receiving your vehicle. Our business model is designed to work fast, so that you aren’t inconvenienced.

* Wide array of automobile transportation options: We give you enough car shipping options, from traditional affordable open trailer car shipping to fully enclosed industrial car transport carriers for exotic automobiles, so that you can choose the one that works best for your situation.

* Customer service guarantee: T.A.T. specializes in providing a first rate vehicle transport service, with a guarantee that your car will be picked up and delivered to you in a timely fashion. We are dependable car movers, which is important when a company is dealing with one of your largest assets. We care about the safety of your vehicle just as much as you do, or more!

Who Uses Our Auto Shipping Services?
When you are trying to get your car, boat, motorcycle, vans, SUVs or oversized freight from one place to the next, convenience is key. After all, you’ve got enough to do with your time, so let us take the weight off of your shoulders by having one of our experienced and professional drivers ship a car on your behalf.

Car Shipping For Cross Country: When you are moving across the United States coast to coast, the last thing you want to have to consider is moving your vehicle across the nation. You have enough on your mind during relocation, with getting your household goods and equipment where they need to be. Allow T.A.T. shippers to get your vehicle across the country so it’s one less thing on your checklist. We also have many different relationships with movers, so connecting you with a qualified, screened, licensed and bonded moving and storage company to fit your needs is not a problem.

Auto Transport For Dealerships: Dealerships are constantly transporting cars from one location to the next. Take the strain off of your staff by allowing T.A.T. to move your quality vehicles between locations, so you can focus on your business. Ask us about discounts for car dealers or corporate relocation.

Auto Shipping For Online Purchases: When you purchase a vehicle (running or non operable) via an online transaction whether it be eBay motors or Craigslist, we can get your new car or truck to you, so that you don’t have to incur the expense of physically going to retrieve it. Schedule a pick-up from our trucking company and we will take care of the rest, getting it to your location safely in a timely manner.

Car Transport Services For Vacationers: If you are going on vacation or spend part of the year elsewhere, it would be helpful to have your vehicle with you. Our car transporters can get it there with no hassle, so that your vacation can be the enjoyable experience it was meant to be.

Auto Shipping For Military Members: If you are in the military, we are proud to say that we have a special logistics program just for you. Our auto transport rates for military members ensure that through frequent moves, deployments and more, you can get your vehicle there for you and your family to utilize with no muss, no fuss.

When you ship your vehicle with T.A.T. you don’t have to worry about uninsured issues should your vehicle sustain damage during the journey. Like any reputable car transport company who holds a license, all of our carrier we use carry the required insurance that ensures any vehicle we transport is covered and secure. After all, what you may not know is that your personal coverage may not kick in when your vehicle is being transported by a company. For this reason, it is important to choose a car shipping provider that offers its carrier coverage for the fleet of vehicles it is responsible for moving. We recognize the importance of such a policy and have maintained it throughout the time we’ve been in operation.


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